Improving health services for people with disability.


Disability is any condition that reduces normal activities. The disabled have the same life goals as the people who are not such as they are integrated into the school, workplace, and community.

Here are some 2 Ways in which can improve health services for people with disability;

1. Interacting with people who have disabilities.

A person with a disability wants to be involved and included in activities just as other people do by offering help when it’s needed and wanted. Your role is helping the disabled do things for themselves and also respect their independence. If you are capable help the person to become orientated to the new environment.

2. Living with disabilities.

The key to living with a person who is disabled is adaptation. For example, people adapt to physical disabilities in different ways depending on the type of disability.

Be ready to give assistance where possible if asked, or ask the person if he/she would like assistance.

In addition, every human is made on Gods image and likeness.people living with disabilities we should help them enhance their quality of life by supporting their families