Wigs are closet essentials that should not miss in a woman’s closet. Synthetic wigs are pocket   friendly compared to human hair. However, they have their fair share of short comings. So in order to maintain its life span, here are few things to do;

  1. Always handle your wig with a lot of care be it curly or straight wigs. Try to avoid rubbing against things ha create friction like high collars and bed pillows. Always remove your wig while going to bed.
  2. Brush your wig before washing to remove  tangles
  3. Don’t use hot water; instead use cold or lukewarm water. Hot water alter the style of your wig.
  4. Use deep conditioning treatment or fabric softener in water, then deep your wig for about 10 mins. Don’t comb your wig while in water with your fingers as it can alter the style. Always rinse in the same direction as the hair lies.
  5. After washing your  wig lay it on towel  then  fold  the  towel over  and  around to  remove excess  Don’t rub your wig on the towel as it will make it tangle. Remember synthetic wigs should be left to dry naturally.
  6. For synthetic wigs do not use blow dry on them as this can ruin the wig, instead let it dry on a wig stand if you have one. Also don’t brush your wig while still
  7. Use a spray meant for synthetic wigs to moisturize and prevent it from looking dry and dull.
  8. Always use a wig cap underneath a wig, this will give you a comfortable experience, also it will help prevent breakage and thinning of your natural hair.
  9. For proper storage of your wig/weave place it inside a box while dry and not a plastic bag that can cause humidity leading to bad smell.

Try all these routines and your synthetic wig will remain in perfect shape.