How To Pitch Brands And Convince Them To Partner With You

Pitching is an effort of selling or promoting something. Pitching of products/ brands in a business is very important since through that people will get to buy your products or even decide o partner with you. It can be a bit of headache, but it becomes easy when you put your professional hat and understand how brand relationships should work.

How to pitch

  1. The subject line should be clear and concise. State the benefits to the brand and lastly be personalize / unique. Have in mind that the person you are sending  the proposal Has no much time and also has feelings so keep the tone warm casual but professional.  Remember to use a business emails as it can be give much attention compared to a normal email
  2. Prove your value. If you want to show that you can deliver, therefore, try getting their attention. At least tweet about them, share a post they have written, post them on IG or facebook , through these they are able to like you and gain their trust. This shows you are concern and also business minded.
  1. At least do a free partnership. We know through partnership all you want is to grow financially but for a start do something for your partner for free since what you looking for is long term partnership with brand. You can do this through tagging the brand on social media with positive captions.
  2. Show you’re a real deal. You should show you’re in creditable. To show you are a real influencer, you should have engagement rate. You may have many followers but with less engagement .Engagement shows loyalty and also people enjoy your content through likes comments and shares.

Also, you should show followers growth which is strong within a period of one year as the brands are going to be looking for steady growth. Consider conversion rates. Brands love to see conversation rates as it shows you are able to inspire actions.

  1. Specify why you want to work together. You should state your idea in a way that clearly states the benefits to the brand. Include genuine compliment, what you admire about the brand and reasons why you want to work with them. It shouldn’t be just about the money but more than that since you looking for long term partnership.
  2. Give examples of partnerships you’ve done. At least give examples of partnerships you’ve done so far. It not only shows you’re experienced, but also shows trust in the past. You don’t have to mention big companies if you have none, even ones you have done with friends can help showcase your experience. By doing this, mention the name of the influencer or brand, give a brief info. On how you’ve worked with them. Lastly share your success.
  3. Do not act desperate. Acting desperate will only show that you are in much need and there is nothing you can do without them. It also kills the interest of the partners. Send out an inquiry two to three times a month; more than that shows desperation, don’t hound them.

In pitching, be ready for rejection as part of the business. Another thing to note, always know your worth. Do not accept too little if you know what you are worth.

  1. Maintain the relationship even when you’re not pitching. Don’t forget to occasionally check in with your contact to keep the relationship going. You can do this by sharing their articles on social media.