Some personality traits appear to be inborn. They are acquired by heredity, passing from parents to offspring. Other personality traits are shaped by a person’s physical and social environment or surroundings.

Most personality traits,however,are influenced by a combination of both heredity and environment

ENVIRONMENT; although some early personality traits persist into adulthood, most are modified by a person’s environment. Your friends, family members, cultural group,school,all affect your personality.

Experiences during childhood strongly influence the development of a healthy personality, for example a baby who is in lovingly cared for learns to trust and love others as well children also learn about feelings,attitudes,and appropriate ways of behaving from the people close to them. As children develope,they copy the behavior of others.

By young adulthood, your personality traits are fairly well.This does mean you cannot work to change personality traits with which you are dissatisfied. In fact, recognizing  weaknesses and working to improve them is a sign of mental health. At the same time it’s important to recognize your strengths and achievements.

HEREDITY; Why are some infants calm and cheerful while others cry alot?why do some babies seem uncomfortable in new surroundings?

These early differences are evidence that infants are born with tendencies to act in certain ways.In fact, even before birth some differences are evident, for example, some babies kick and move around a lot inside their mothers while others are relatively quite.

Being aggressive and shyness traits may be inherited.

However, It is what you do with your inherited abilities that determines how they will develop during your life. And your personality consist of the unique combination traits that make you an individual.