Helping Children Cope With Divorce

After a divorce or separation both partners retain parental responsibility for the children provided the man has acknowledged the child. Both partners remain responsible for raising and caring for the children.

This however has a lot of impact not only on parents but also on children both positively and negatively because it is important to note that children whose parents are unhappy also experience increased rate of anxiety and depression symptoms as well

Children react differently to this since it’s a whole new experience for them. Some may show denial or shock, anger, grief, depression and even acceptance.

Once parents have made up their minds to go different directions, sometimes it becomes almost impossible to tell children the truth but parents must be as honest as possible to their children and let them know that there will be changes around with optimism. also make sure that you reassure them that you love them no matter what and lastly be positive that with time they will eventually heal.

It is very important to keep track of your child’s mental health after divorce because they can be affected psychologically. Make sure you monitor their academic performance, check on how they relate with others because some children opt for isolation and other behavioral changes

One thing that parents should never neglect is their parental responsibilities, therefore make sure you come together once in a while to talk about your children and be together on school events to support your children and above all support each other.

Lastly celebrate each other’s success even after divorce. This sets a perfect example for your children.