By Euphine

The busier we become, the shorter our days seem. It begins slowly; neglecting diets, skipping or postponing exercise routines and sacrificing ‘beauty sleep’ to finish a work project. Here are a few easy tips to begin with;

  • Drink water

You can carry a bottle to work, school or wherever it is you are headed for the day and stay sipping. It is highly recommended to keep the body hydrated so as to remove waste, lubricate joints, aid in digestion and fight off headaches and dizziness.

  • Work out on the go

Try using the stairs more as opposed to elevators, sometimes walk to work, avoid wearing high heels for longer periods (for women), try standing more instead of sitting behind a desk all day. Sit up straight in a chair and bring up your hands to the front, and put the palm of your hand upward.

  • Cut off unhealthy habits

Reduce/do away with unhealthy intakes of alcohol, drugs, sweets and junk food. These will only slow down your metabolism and leave you with diseases that will drain your wallet and productivity.

  • Self-care

You need to be able to recognize when you are under stress and take some time off. Self-care does great justice to the mind and body. Practice it religiously. Spend time alone, meditate, practice yoga, listen to music, write, relax and laugh.