Handling shaving of pubic hairs

Young adults and any age bracket above that, should naturally have pubic hair regenerating daily. Besides lessening friction during intercourse, it also serves to prevent the transmission of bacteria and other pathogens. It is however entirely one’s own choice and decision on what to do with it. Be it growing, trimming, shaving, or waxing it.

If you choose shaving, which is the commonly embraced norm, avoid these mistakes:

  1. Using blunt razor to shave. Avoid old, dirty or unsterilized razors as well
  2. Using harsh soap. Avoid fancy bathing soap(s) and instead choose unscented soap for this
  • Not soaking before shaving
  1. Shaving against the direction of the hair growth
  2. Pressing the razor deep on skin. Be a little gentle when exfoliating
  3. Not trimming the long hair first
  • Not using enough shaving cream

Itchy scratches through one’s inner pants is not a good look. It is helpful though, to understand that the dreaded itch is probably caused by prickly dry skin or some sort of inflammation, which itches like crazy as it heals. If you’re shaving with soap, you could perhaps try switching to a shaving cream, since it moisturizes the skin a little more. And to prevent the tiny bumps and micro-nicks that cause aforementioned irritation, use a brand-new razor and warm water.

You can avoid all these by following this simple ‘procedure’

  1. Soften the skin and pubic hair by soaking in the tab (or to-shave areas) for at least 5 minutes.
  2. Apply shaving cream or gel with Aloe Vera or other soothing agent over the areas you plan to shave – you may reapply as needed
  3. Use a new/sharp razor. DO NOT USE A DULL BLADE