Giving is Living

Kimani Solomon talks about his passion for DECA (Destiny Equipping Child Association).

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay”

Tell us about yourself: I am Kimani Solomon, 27yrs of age.  Born in Nakuru, Limuru and brought up by my grandparents.

What pushed you to where you are now? Staying with my grandparents posed a lot of questions in mind.  I always wondered why children had to suffer, why families had to disown their own child. Why there are children homes yet each child has a root in a family?

How DECA did come about? My quest to understand why children homes existed was a great impetus.  In 2015 January, I volunteered in a children’s home. Interaction with homeless children, disowned, orphans and street children made me understand how much they treasured the home, how much they needed it. Talking to these children and inspiring them influenced my desire to increase my capacity as a humanitarian. Smiles on these children’s faces were and still my drive.

In 2016, I felt time had come to make it possible for each child to be happy, healthy and live a positive childhood life.

Tell us more about DECA?  Destiny Equipping Child Association is a foundation with a mission and vision of equipping each child with energy, resources and morality (materially, spiritually and emotionally). The foundation aims at reaching the vulnerable in the society. We aim at making safe and fulfilling childhood a reality, promoting child’s rights and well being.

We have several programs that we have initiated to aid in meeting our objectives. Angaza program strives at creating an enabling environment to ease access to resources, education and opportunities. Outreach program focuses on enlightening the vulnerable and helping them adopt compassion towards others by enhancing positive growth. We achieve this through cookouts, orphanage visitation, street family visits and Christmas parties. Talanta programs include events which aim to promote and nurture talents. All this is achieved through improving their education, mentoring them and helping them realize and nurture talents and giving them hope for a better tomorrow.

Wow, this is indeed great work in the society.  So where do you get the funds to run the foundation and ensure that activities and events are held?  The foundation majorly depends on donations. I have a group of members who are open handed, kind and ready to help in ensuring a child smiles. We contribute either resources (time), materials like foods and clothing and finance which help in promoting our vision. We also partner with other organizations and artists especially when planning for bigger events.

Am sure it has not been an easy journey, tell us the challenges and how you coped with them: It’s very true,  a lot has happened,  lost friends who felt that I couldn’t achieve this, I even lost my job. I felt alone especially when my plans were underway but thanks to those who saw capability in me and instilled hope.

Are you only operating in Nairobi?  Not really, we are stretching past home.

What can you tell people who have lost hope in what they are doing? Life has ups and downs; it’s always on you to never remain down. Let your actions speak. Romans 12:8, if it is to encourage, then give encouragement, if is giving then generously give, if it is to show mercy, show it cheerfully.

Kimani Solomon, founder of DECA