Girly Road Trip

I received a facebook friend request notification from familiar name. I accepted the request and went ahead to viewing her page.  Ooh! My erstwhile friend, Beth. It has been a decade since we joined different high schools. Memories of our friendship flowed in my mind and truly, I missed the moments. I longed to catch up with her and get to spill out how our lives have been ever since. Being in different countries, travelling was certain.

After making resolutions on how and when to meet, we thought of what could make our connection memorable. A road trip, yes a girly road trip! You know why? We needed time to catch up, laugh, enjoy and more so we needed time to be our perfect selves in our own world.

We chose a small town for our trip, and guess what; we just pointed north and drove. We made sure that the essential billboards like “free kfc this way” were visible.

Great memories, you want to keep them?  Then don’t leave your camera behind. Take pictures. Take selfies at every spot, jot down memories and record videos. Make these pictures into hardcopy album. Look great and feel great!  Of course what you wear depends on your destination, weather and personal style. For road trips, your journey is your destination. Any stop has to be memorable, different attires, accessories and fresh make ups to lighten your moment.

Imagine of a three hour drive in a new place, engaging in adventure road games. Fortunate-unfortunate game stood out for me. Here, you start a story and the other person picks the sentence with alternating “fortunate” or “unfortunate” events. Example:

-I got a new job.

-fortunately he pay was awesome.

-Unfortunately, it was a three months contract.

The story continues while alternating the two until one gets stuck.

Maximum volume music plus open road and environment, you get the feeling? Dance and sing along.

Gift time… Why forget to carry a little unique gift for your long time friend or new friend?  Memories are made of these.

A road trip is a perfect opportunity to forget all your worries and make memories along the way. Plan to have one.