February, as the month of love brings so much joy and excitement. Valentine’s day should not only be considered the day of love birds but also a day to show love and affection to self, loved ones and friends. In this regard, all singles can have fun and celebrate Valentine’s day as a way of self-love and gratitude to themselves. It is common to give and receive gifts as a way to express and spread love and happiness. It really is a great feeling to know someone loves you and an even greater fulfilment to show someone you love and care for them.

Gifting is a big part of Valentine’s day. Showing romantic, sweet and thoughtful gestures, going out of your way to make someone feel special and appreciated is the reason for Valentine’s. For a long time, men have been the ones who bore the burden of buying gifts and showing love to their partners. For a healthy relationship to be, expressing love has to be both ways.

Here are a few ways you can celebrate yourself, your love or loved one this valentine’s day.

  1. Acts of service.

Valentines day is all about showing love and affection to your partner and doing acts of service can really warm their hearts. There are many ways that one can show acts of services around the home. You can decide to get up early and make breakfast for the person(s) you love and serve them in bed, you can decide to help around in the house by sharing house chores among others.

Acts of service can also include you offering your partner a massage, a foot rub and or relieve them from their day-to-day duty and decide to take the ranks.

  1. Candle light dinner date at home.

There is absolutely nothing that betas a home cooked meal. You can go out of your way to learn your favourite restaurant meal recipe and decide to make it for both you and your love during Valentine’s as and make it a dinner date for you two. You can spice up things and get scented candles and tea candles to create a very beautiful ambience for both of you. Rose petals for décor is also a plus. Ensure you have some wine to go with the meal and some dessert like chocolate coated strawberries.

  1. Self-care box.

Self-care is a big part of life. This a really broad spectrum with lots to offer and many choices you can choose from. Self-care doesn’t only apply to women at all, self-care is for all. You already know what your partner or loved one likes or loves to do during their spare time, from then on you can choose what to get them with respect to self-care. For example, you can arrange for a grooming box for men. Inside the box you can personalize the items as per their favourites. Like, wine, a cologne or perfume they love, beard kit, foot soak or bath bombs, some of their favourite candy or chocolates, skincare items among others. For women curating a self-care box can be pretty simple. Whatever she likes she talks about it and you’ll know it. You can add some of her favourite skincare and hair care products, a perfume, make up, sanitary items, some chocolates, wine, a scented candle, body scrub, foot scrub or soak among others. Nothing cheers one up like a self-care package with some if not all of their favourite items.

  1. Board games and books.

You can purchase some board games to add in some quality time during Valentine’s day. Board games get to draw people closer and this creates a good environment to get to know more about each other. There are various types of board games that you can choose from i.e., couple board games, games to play with family and also with friends. While having your play date you can spice it up with some snacks and drinks.

Books are essential for everyone if I do say so myself. You can even add a good book to a self-care box and gift your partner or loved one. Along side the book you can add in a good notebook, journal or a planner, customized for the person it is intended for.

  1. Staycation.

Since Valentine’s day is only on the 14th of February, just a day, you can book a staycation package in a hotel for just a night for you and your partner, away from home and the kids if you have children. You can choose to go enjoy room service in a hotel as well as whatever they offer in the package. Another option is to book an Airbnb and go away for a weekend just the two of you, with your friends, yourself or with family. At the Airbnb you can create a great candle lit dinner effect and have a romantic night.

  1. Love letter.

Cliché or not, love letters still make an impact till date. In this era of technology, social media, we forget to ground ourselves and communicate well with people around us. You can agree with me that receiving a handwritten love letter compared to a text message has so much impact to your heart and feelings as this shows you are really loved and appreciated. Someone took time to get a pen and paper to write to you to express his/her feelings.

A handwritten love letter can be sent on its own or along side other gifts like the usual bouquet of flowers which is still sentimental to this day, a time piece, a gadget among others.

Happy gifting!