Getting that degree is not the solution!!

Soon thousands of tertiary level undergraduates will gather with friends and families to celebrate education milestone. This marks end of night library, assignments, lecture marathons and end of rave parties. They receive marching orders from speakers reflecting the times we live in. For instance; resilience, overcoming adversity, failure, risk taking and courage.

But wait, graduates, whatever is awaiting us must be painful than the struggles we undergo while students. It requires responsibility and maturity changing from a student to being a working adult. The reality remains; Thursday-undergraduate, Friday –graduate, Monday-unemployed.

Not too long, probably a week or two, you realize you can no longer hang onto the graduate status for a living, boarding the unemployment vessel joining thousands of fellow graduates is the only choice. The struggle becomes real.

Sending resumes and applications to different companies and organization in search of job becomes part of your employment. The fact hits you that the degree you are holding does not give you an upper hand for any job advertised under your profession. Months later, a new lot of young energetic graduates are released to the same environment. You understand what that means.

Swallowed up in the deep fog of grief, most return to live with their parents at home together with their degrees.  This is where decisions of letting fate take its course are made. You are tired of walking into companies and organizations only to be turned down, tired of receiving back rejection mails. You get stressed up, depressed, you have no money to meet your personal needs and ashamed of asking your parents. Life becomes a mess.

The comfort of having your degree is fascinating until you realize it’s upon you to put all your shits together for a living. But hey, you are only 24 years old; give yourself 50 more years to live. Does that give you permission to sit on your degree?  Does it push you to taking risks? Do you have to struggle finding this job which to some extend will drain the best part of your life? A job which will take you years to secure only to struggle putting up with your work mates and boss for the rest of your life?

Regards to the degree, it provides you with tools and knowledge to succeed in future. Capabilities beyond within measures are only visible when a decision is made. Learn taking a hit now. Take risks finding an interesting and challenging profession which you are comfortable with for the rest of your life. They say, “Strive living artfully.”

Probably, some will find life a painless path, from being a student to a working lad. Congratulations! For most, struggles are real but you have to kick against the bottom, break the surface if that’s the only chance for you to breathe again. Find your own lane even if it means putting aside your degree and hustling like a grade 4 dropout! Do it!