A nanny is a person who provides childcare. In most cases this care is provided in a family setting. There are however key factors to consider when hiring a nanny because our children’s well being is the number one priority.


Hiring a nanny has and will never be easy. The first question that comes to our mind is ‘how will I get a nanny?’ Amidst all these thoughts, I would advice you get referrals from friends and relatives, this makes them a common thread when issues arise. There are bureaus that specialize in finding nanny’s but make this your last option. If you must get a nanny from there follow up on the kind of trainings they claim to offer and if possible attend them personally. Make sure you follow on their vetting process.


Personally hold an interview with the nanny to get to know them better. However avoid holding it at your home for security purposes. Request and make copies of all the formal identifications.


Once you have found one that suits your description of a good nanny, have a legal contract that speaks about their salaries, off days and leaves, overtime working, bonuses and all the duties they will be needed to perform. Also include all the actions to be taken against every indiscipline cases.  Ensure both your signatures are put on the contract.


Pay them according to their experience and domain knowledge. If you can make sure you negotiate for a start salary.   Make sure you are fairly paying them to avoid any inconveniences. If your payment is low, chip in when they  need personal essentials, shopping’s, airtime and even transport whenever they go for offs or leaves. Once in a while offer them loans when need be and document them having both signatures in the documents.


Nannies are more like family because they spend most of their time with our children, therefore make sure you treat them right, help them grow by helping them realize their talents and gifts. That way whenever the kids are in school, they can have time to practice them after work. They are humans as well, find time and talk to them but maintain boundaries and be polite at all times.


To cut the whole story short, choose someone who is committed in promoting your child’s physical, mental and emotional development. If possible choose one that is experienced.