Fashion and Design

Every time a season changes you get disturbed on what to put on because of inadequate knowledge on what fashion and design can do to your worries. Often, season calls for changes in the wardrobes. Basically, fashion will direct you to make the toughest choice especially for ladies on what to put on. Everybody wants to remain classy while maintaining compatibility with the existing climate. Here is a chance to learn more on what to put on, when to put on, and what combinations make the best outfit.

Turtle Neck Tops

Winter is often a time to keep warm and no one wants to get out of fashion just because of the prevailing climate change. You need to remain cozy while keeping warm during winter with the Chic turtle Neck tops. For ladies, this is suitable both in work and weekends. It fits well with tight jeans or skirt.







Men are also not left behind. The Turtle Neck Tops can as well be used by men to portray a classical set up while at the same time keep warm during cold. However, for men the clothing sounds more fashionable and professional when combined with a suit.


Most people often avoid skirt when winter arrives because of the cold not knowing that this can be more fashionable and still maintain warmth. However, it is fabric that brings the difference. For instance, Long wool skirts and Knee length skirts with suitable leg covering will keep you warm and fashionable.








Statement coat

During cold, a coat and a scarf will do perfectly well. Their main purpose is to protect you from cold but on the other hand, they are also stylish. They are usually custom-made depending on the gender. Coat and scarf always don’t do well with very bright colors, moderate or dull colors will do better for you.

A long loose soft scarf wrapped closely around your neck makes you cozy and keeps you warm.

Boots and Shoes

To avoid freezing of your shoes during the winter finding a resistant upper and warm lining shoes will be of great help. In addition, this is a time that you should consider knee length boots and thigh high boots. Well, these would provide you with warmth that you need during winter season while you still remain fashionable. The ankle high shoes, are most flexible because, regardless of the skirt length you prefers they will always blend perfectly.  The ankle high should become even more fashionable if you consider a pair of graphics socks. This will give you more fun, more fashion, while at the same time keeps you warm.

Become a Summer Looser!

Well, when summer knocks everybody feels weird with the winter clothing they were used to. Some often stick to the winter clothing which may be fashionable but does not make you feel comfortable due to the weather change. This is a time to feel loose! This is a time to create a a thin layer of air between the skin and the clothes. Here, you will consider cotton and linen since they are the best absorbers of sweat and helps in drying. The tank tops as well as floppy dresses are more preferred and fashionable compared to the tight attires. Also, ditching sleeveless dresses and tops will do away with the hot sun. Such attires makes you feel comfortable during hot heat while at the same time remain fashionable.









Again summer cannot just be summer without considering hats. This is a time for sun glasses and hats that protect you from the direct rays from sunlight, which may damage your skin. The hat precisely protect the face off the sun rays and generally makes you feel cool when outside for a walk. Also, it is very fashionable especially the wide-brimmed hats. Sun glasses on the other hand, and good for an outing or adventure, bike rides or motor rides in the open air. They also gives you a sense of fashion and design.

Every lady knows what it takes during summer especially with the hair. Sometimes it becomes hard to control the heat because of the long hairs. In summer, therefore, it is a time that you consider light scarfs to keep your hair off the skin. This would provide you with another sense of freshness and make you feel cool.

In summary, it is important to recognize the significance of fashion and design in every seasonal weather changes. To put on the right clothes for the right season is important because it will give you the comfort you need depending on the weather condition at the same time gives you confidence by being fashionable both at work and off work. Generally, winter calls for heavy clothes but that does not mean that you should dress out of fashion. You should consider, chic turtle neck tops among others. On the other hand, summer is a time to loosen up but you also need to remain fashionable. Hence, sleeveless dresses and loosen tank tops will serve you best.