Am the second child of two; my sister and I. I have memories of growing up with my own toys and no noise but I must admit that I really wanted a brother. Going back to about a decade ago, there was a societal preference for sons and it wasn’t uncommon for families to keep trying until they had a boy. The preference was mostly for balance.


Single children have positive things to say about being an only child. These include undivided attention from parents, no sibling rivalry, and greater independence. However, there’s an increased risk of spoiling an only child and they mostly turn out to be selfish.


I talked to a couple about the size of a family and the topic was very personal. They said they have 3 boys but they considered that as an incomplete family. Many couples live in these states of uneasiness as they juggle over the size of a perfect family though it’s not usually a marriage breaker like the other more critical disagreement.


The following are matters to consider before choosing the size of a family you would want to have.



It is never about what the society says about the size of a family, this is a very personal decision. This decision is however not made in a day, let that question pop out for a number of years until you come to a conclusion as years go by.


2.Your health

As a couple, your health really matters on the number of children you’d wish to have. Do not put pressure on each other without considering your health state. A healthy body is very productive.


3.Your age

They say it is nothing but a number but I disagree because your fertility tends to go down as years go by. You cannot get married at 40 and consider having 10 children. Discuss this with your doctor especially for women because of menopause.


4.Your finances

Kids can be quite expensive, there are a lot of expenses that kids come with. Every time you get a penny it is never about you anymore, it’s more about making them comfortable in these hard economic times. Education nowadays is really expensive, not forgetting food, clothes, etc


QUESTION: What are your thoughts on the size of a family?