According to the current and latest behaviors and trends in the human society, people tend to behave like they haven’t  completely acquired any knowledge of this one thing used for protection during sexual intercourse called “Condom”. It has clearly been revealed by many researchers and even from observation especially within this period of the pandemic  Covid19,Coronavirus.

This  came up after many have been quarantined hence many were idle and even those who were at their places of residence. Things really turned out differently following the latest and recent reports about many young teenagers getting pregnant as people have been found to be too idle and nevertheless, people are not interacting freely,not even caring about others safety and we’ll being despite knowing their HIV status.

This was brought about by a rapid  increase in number of pregnancies,surprisingly,highest numbers recorded were from young school girls both primary and secondary schools. From this outcome this revealed and gave a clear image that most people in the society do not really understand the great importance of using protection and the work of condom well which currently is affordable and is even issued at no cost in public hospitals.

As they say “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, the Corona virus  pandemic as the major factor made many individuals got into contact with each other without protection. However, the question is that who is to  be blamed???. Is it the young  girls who accepted to risk their lives, or the boys who engaged without caring about the girls.,or is it the government?

Using condom, helps prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections, such as syphilis, Gonorreah,HIV/AIDS and chancroid. These are the likes of the novel HIV and AIDS. The number of cases has currently risen to a greater number and no one is safe.

This has made the government through public media to encourage people across the country to go for HIV virus and other sexually transmitted diseases tests  and as well encouraging the use of condoms to help prevent the spread.

Across different platforms, there are Condom advertisements are now going on. This includes companies such as  “kiss” condoms, that are advertised on the “Milele FM” radio station broadcast, “TRUST “condoms on CITIZEN TV among other stations,all aiming at highly reducing the spread of STIS and pregnancies especially to the young generation especially when used correctly and consistently.Female latex condoms are also available in pharmaceuticals shops or chemists and can be bought at any given time at affordable prices.