Everything Right For The Perfect Photo Shoot

Everyone longs for breaks from busy schedule. When it’s granted, people tend to engage in fun activities.  It should be made memorable; this is where camera comes in. Events such as weddings, graduation parties, birthday parties and sports call for photo shooting session. Suitable location drives all your decisions about the shoot including clothes to be put on, poses and props. Here are some tips on location choosing for a perfect shot.

Choosing a meaningful place

Any location can make a perfect shot but a meaningful location to the subject will bring out the uniqueness and personality. Despite the event at hand, think of your hobbies, interests and best places. Capturing moments in such places bring natural looking shots because the subjects are comfortable and relaxed. For instance, a wedding where a bride and groom love surfing, shots taken along the beach will always revive their early journey and they will definitely cherish them.

Watch your background.

Does the background bring out the desired mood? Is it compatible with the props, clothing and even poses? Remember, clothing and props can be changed in case they are not compatible with the background. Is the place safe for both you and photographer? Ensure the location does not pose any threat on either of you or the items.


Unless it is indoors, you will have to move to the desired location. Is the location accessible? Will you still be in your perfect moods for the shoot when you arrive?  Are you able to carry along all the required items to the photo shooting place?

Who are being shot?

This is a very important question when preparing for an event shoot. For instance, at a child’s birthday party, the parent should ensure that the area is safe and full of fun. All colors to be incorporated.

Location permit

Some locations may have restrictions. In such places, making a pre-visit to the place will help you acquire permit or license for the shoot before the D-day.


An event can be held either in open air or indoors. The photographer will have to gauge on the best time to shoot in that location.  For instance, a shot in open air during a sunny midday will not be great because of the shadows that will be created.

Choose a quite place.

Public places are not the best places for an event shoot.  For example, bride maids require a calm cool place for their shoot to avoid disturbance from other individuals. However, some events like sports are well captured in public places.

Photo shoot is fun but you ought to be flexible. Always have alternative locations just in case the first one flop.