By Rose Aboka

For the second time now, the boy group ethics is in trouble. This is after the video of their song “Thao” was pulled down from YouTube with claims of violating its copyright. The song featuring Boondocks gang was taken down on Sunday evening.

Following a claim from Degigs film, the boy groups used their clip with no permission.

However, in the evening of 13th October, Ethic took to social media to show off their silver covered play button which they received from YouTube despite removing their hit song’s video “figa”. The video which had garnered over a million views was removed from YouTube with claims that the beat used in the song was copied from Spinnin’Records in their song “cono” by Jhorrmountain, puri and Adje.

The song featuring Kamene goro was also removed from apple music and Deezer. By showing off the award they sent a message that they are strong and will keep going.