Enjoy the Beauty of Kisumu

Dreaming of a destination where the thrill of real discovery and exploration reward you with new and unexpected experiences? Wake up; it is time to visit Kisumu. An amazing hub in the entire L. Victoria basin filled with beauties that you cannot wait to experience.

Below are beauties listed in no particular order that will leave you in awe.

Lake Victoria

The L. Victoria itself paints a perfect picture of the beauty of the region. Get lost while watching the sunrise bring life to the beautiful lake ecosystem. Enjoy great views of the hippos as the sun shines brightly on the water raising gentle breezes. Save time to view unobstructed sunset turn water into gold and fishermen to men of the night watch.


Kisumu is home to diverse cultures. The heart of luo culture beats here. Experience the luo culture and lifestyle while you interact with beautiful people.

Amazing scenery and attractions

Apart from the lake, the amazing scenery and attractions are breathtaking. Impala sanctuary gives a view of beautiful wildlife. Take a lake-shore walk with herds of impalas and zebras roaming freely in the sanctuary.

Kit Mikayi is a perfect get-away with a whole new experience. Enjoy a lot of stories and myths about the mystery rocks. Visit its caves where worshipers pilgrimage for prayers.

Boat riding

Enjoy a boat ride at hippo point while you view hippos and birds. Get the experience of fishing in the deep waters.

Food and accommodation

It is no doubt that Kisumu is home to great delicacies. Enjoy fresh fish from the lake and a whole lot of mouth-watering traditional delicacies. With so many great restaurants to choose from, one is always spoilt for choice in Kisumu. With host of hotels, accommodation is affordable to every pocket.


Fancy a crazy night out to shake a bit, or a relaxed jazzy night? Don’t worry because Kisumu got you covered from dusk till dawn. The high-end clubs and lounges in Kisumu give the best in terms of entertainment.

Live, enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Kisumu.