The virus is here with us. What do we do about it? We have carefully followed all the directives in place by the government and WHO but still it hasn’t gone away. I guess it’s time we found a way of staying and surviving with it.

Parents and caregivers have a hard time. From keeping an eye to the younger ones to trying to make ends meet.  Our girls have been affected more as they are now having a challenge accessing sanitary napkins. The parents now have a  tougher choice to make. Do they buy food for the family or face masks or sanitary napkins for the adolescent girls.? The sanitary napkins they used to get when in school from the government through the office of the women representative can no longer get to them since the closure of the school.

Our girls are vulnerable and are now the prey to these sexually thirsty men. Some have been victims of transactional sex as they tried to access these sanitary napkins as evidenced by the increased teenage pregnancies. With a lack of correct information on menstrual hygiene and management, our girls have been misled by the myths and misconceptions the society has.

Sexual gender-based violence is on the rise. More girls are getting defiled and the worst part is the perpetrators are persons they know and trusted at one point.  Do we allow our girls to suffer as we fight cCOVID~19.? Are we fighting the wrong war.? Is this the new ticking time bomb we want to explode on us.? By working towards ending period poverty we are moving a step forward rescuing our girls and future female.