Since the declaration of COVID-19  as a global pandemic, things have completely changed.There been a lockdown, a lot of businesses closed down .the fashion industry is one of the affected areas as it is considered a  non-essential commodity for one since people are fighting to get their daily bread. Here are some of the ways the fashion industries have been affected;


  1. Workers have lost their jobs.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, millions of garment makers have already lost their jobs as a result of the virus and have no access to social or financial safety to help them to weather this storm in this result most of the brands’ makers are not able to pay their suppliers and this has made them cancel their orders and therefore forced to adjust to the new norm.

  1. Considering the beginning of the pandemic, many employers have decided to lay off some of their workers, and therefore, even the ones who are lucky their wages have been reduced.



The fashion industry has been affected as most of the physical shops been forced to close because of the social distance. some of the sellers have resorted to selling their stuff through social media pages but that not the same as for not everyone is able to order online as priority is people buying food. Than clothes.


4. Despite the global crisis, fashion houses have stepped down to donate money to non – profitable organizations supporting COVID  19 relief like a red cross and other community-based organizations. Also, some industries which make perfumes and cosmetics have chipped in,  in the manufacturing of alcohol-based sanitizers.

5. Fashion industries have switched their focus from making clothes to making face masks especially the re-useable ones which have helped people in their daily lives.

6. Things have changed hence most events have gone online because of the lockdown and social distancing. For some who can’t go the digital way, there has been massive cancellation of fashion events.

7. With physical stores closed and events cancelled, workers losing their jobs, fashion industries are facing a huge financial loss in this pandemic. So our hopes are that things will soon go back to normal.