Makeup artist and chef in her 20’s

Edith Olal is a female artist and a chef from Kisumu county who is passionate on her work and pursuing a degree in Hospitality and Hotel Management



  • Q: Why fashion and cooking?

A: Wow! Makeup is something that has been within me since childhood. At some point I would check YouTube tutorials on makeup. Cooking! I loved cooking since childhood as I would join my mom in the kitchen when she was cooking. Actually I did Home science in high school and my teacher motivated me a lot. An in campus I did diploma in hospitality and hotel management; and pursuing the same in my degree

  • Q: What drives you every day?

A: … I would say my dream drives me every single day I wake up. I have always wanted a better life for my family and myself. And the say ‘MY TOMORROW MUST BE BETTER THAN TODAY’ motivates me.

  • Q: Any challenges you’ve faced so far in your career especially in balancing between

fashion and cooking?

A: I can say challenges are always there. One of them is when I started my YouTube channel; it was so hard for people to believe in what I do. Also people would want you to train them for free especially friends

  • Q: I understand you have YouTube channel. Atieno’s Kitchen?

A: Yes! I have a YouTube channel and I can say its growing and I thank everyone who has supported me in this. Please subscribe

  • Q: How has your interaction with your costumers been

A: It’s been good so far; in the beginning it was hard for people to believe in my work. I also felt disappointed when the people I considered close friends could not support me by sharing my work or even just watching

  • Q: Who is your role model?

A: I love chef Ali; I love his way of showcasing his work and how he cooks his delicacies. And for the makeup there’s this makeup studio called HYLINE. I love it!

  • Q: Where do you see yourself in years to come?

A: I want to start my own hotel and makeup industry; I don’t believe in employment. I would love to be self employed

  • Q: How has the pandemic affected your field and what new things have you learnt?

A:it has affected me so much; I used to be in weddings doing makeup and cooking in birthdays and weddings too. Things have changed and prices have gone low

  • Q: What is your must have item?

A: Perfume. I love smelling good all the time. I can’t step out my door without makeup