By Rose Aboka

Earlier this week comedian Vincent Mwasia alias Chipukeezy ended his contract with Ebru TV.  This happened after the comedian announced on his social media platform that Ebru wanted his co-host Nick Chege also known as Kartello to stop participating in Chipukeezy’s show.

According to a statement released on Thursday, Ebru explained that it is true that they wanted Kartello out. Not because of “ughetto” but because Kartello refused to honor an agreement. Ebru, being part of the census campaign asked Kartello, being one of their in house influencers to make videos and post on social media pages. Whatever was done did not please Ebru hence ending his stay.

“We wish to clarify the issues that have been in the public eye. Chipukeezy has been part of the Ebru for over a year and a half. As part of the census campaign we asked our in house influencers to push the census campaign for us on social media pages, this was not done to our satisfaction,” read part of the statement.