Dreams Shuttered At Precious Talent A cademy

By Rose Aboka

The morning of 23rd September was a sad one for Kenyans after a school, Precious Talent Academy Collapsed.  The two-storey building is said to have collapsed at around 6:50 am. Since there was no form of fire attendants, the rescuers used sticks to dig in for them to be able to get the pupils from the rubble. The most affected classes were standards 6, 7 and 8 which were at the ground floor.

59 pupils were rushed to Kenyatta National Referral Hospital, where 7 pupils were reported dead. However, 2 were seriously injured.  “Only two are in serious conditions, a boy and a girl. We have done MRI and CT scans and so far so well” said acting KNH Chief executive Mr. Evans on Kamuri. Most of the pupils are to be discharged after getting treatment.

The governor of Nairobi, Hon Mike Sonko has been dragged into the case. His administration is said to have recently dug a sewer line behind the classrooms that weakened the buildings to fall down.  Mr. Wainaina saw this to be an “accident”. “They had good intentions to help this school but an accident happened.

The area is said to be lacking public school. Precious Talent Academy had more than 800 pupils.

After the incident the management of the school was not able to tell the number of pupils who were in school.

May the souls of the departed rest in eternal Peace.