With the new era of technology, online dating sites continue to emerge. With just a click, you get an equal chance of either falling in love or not.

Here are dos and don’ts for online dating:

  1. Do much research.

Online dating can be deceiving because sometimes it’s not reflective of real life. If you are interested in a person, it is imperative to do more research on them. Let them tell you about themselves and you can do this by emailing and calling them before meeting them physically.

  1. Always be aware of scams.

There are both good and evil people online. Don’t be thrilled by person’s status, you risk being scammed your hard earned money. Don’t reveal much information about yourself. This could be the start of scamming.

  1. Have boundaries.

Be assertive and show that you have control over your life. Ordinarily, do not get intimate on the first date. It will only portray you as easy and that’s how you’ll get hurt.

  1. Meet in public.

After the online interaction, it’s good to meet the person physically in a public place. For gods’ sake! Don’t agree to meet a stranger in her house. You don’t know the person’s traits. When going to meet the person, tell a friend or a family just in case of anything they can be able to trace you. Don’t bring along your family or friends. It’s OK not to trust someone since he/she is a stranger. The date is for two of you and not your family neither your friends. If you feel insecure, you can tell your friends to call you after every hour just to check on you. Remember to tell them where the date is going to be.

  1. Have your money.

Don’t be deceived by a person’s social media status. Many are just doing it for the likes. Have your money as security.

  1. Rejection is a possible answer.

Expect to be stood up or being told by someone on your 5th date that there is nothing serious and they are not interested in you. Remember that is normal just dust off and move on.

  1. Don’t send nudes

I bet you wouldn’t love to see your pictures trending in social media. Consequently, don’t reveal too much by wearing clothes that show much of your body. It could be a turn off to others.

Online dating has successful testimonials. Always be real with your date. After the first date even if you felt that you found the one who completes your heart’s desire, don’t flood their phone with a lot of messages. They may see you as a bother and clingy, and this could ruin the relationship.