Don’t Ever Quit on Your Dreams

It is nice when the ocean is calm; however, when waters begin to stir, rocking our boats from side to side, we begin to panic. You may end up overwhelmed and that is when the thoughts of throwing in the towel set in. Quitting is never an option even when things go wrong as they sometimes will. Here are the reasons:

Just one life

Life is like a racing car without steering wheel in fifth gear moving at 300km per hour. Everyone gets a chance to steer without any steering wheel. Why aren’t you driving like you are on fire towards your wildest dream? Put on the seatbelt and enjoy the ride to the best of your ability. Run over stuff, hit walls, crash in the rain, and make it worthwhile.

Reason to keep fighting

Life is not meaningless. You are here for a reason and probably you will discover it when you hit the wall. Your reason to achieve that goal will motivate you to keep striving. Hold on to your reason and use it to fuel your car.

The far you’ve come

When you are overwhelmed and tired, it is easy to lose perspective on what you have achieved regarding your goal. Reflect on the obstacles you’ve overcome and you will see the need to continue moving to your wildest dream. Looking back will help you find a new step to keep moving forward. It will change your perspective to a more optimistic one.

It’s darkest before dawn

The toughest times are a precursor to a major breakthrough in success. Challenges work to test our resolve before success. To achieve success you must deal with challenges head-on. Everyone wants a great story, but only few are open to embrace villains in challenges. To achieve your dream you must fight through to the end. Every challenge that comes your way is a component of the success you are seeking. Don’t coil and surrender in the face of challenges, remember that superior protagonist is made by great villain.

Success is closer than you think

Failure is a trickster that will accompany you even in success. Many a times we are overtaken by challenges when success is almost within reach. Majority of people quit because it is the easiest and most logical thing to do when faced with challenges. Don’t quit because success is on the way, I feel in the distance.

When you quit, you die while still alive

For the sake of your future self please don’t give up. There is no worse feeling than knowing you should have kept going. The pain is consuming and will forever haunt you. You would have overcome the challenges and the way cleared for success. You could be living that dream life you always wanted, if only you had kept going. Avoid a regretful life by working on your dream.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try one more time,” said Thomas Edison. In life you will always be presented with challenges that could give you an option of quitting on your goal. Cling on to the “why” you started. The journey is where the magic that makes your end goal sweetest happens. Enjoy your ride!