Diamond’s Favorite Drug

By Rose Aboka

Tanzanian star Diamond, has been on the spotlight after rumors of him impregnating a Tanzanian beauty, Lulu Diva filled the social media. In a video leaked sometime back a video of the two getting cozy emerged. The “inama” hit maker however denied the allegations. Also, the drama here got more interesting during Tanasha Dona’s baby shower party.  The controversial singer was accused of making video calls to Lulu Diva. This made Tanasha to fire threats at Diamond through social posts warning him that things would never be easy with them if he ever cheats on her again.

In a statement, Lulu made it clear that she doesn’t want to be associated with rumors for she’ll be a mother someday and “scandals” is not what she’d want her child to be reading about her.

“People will always talk, what depends is how you react. I know that one day I will become a mom so that’s why I dissociate myself from these kinds of rumors.  There are many scandals that have been linked to and I don’t address them as they are,” she said.

Trouble making seems to be Chibu’s favorite drug!