What is religion from your own understanding? Or what is your experience in dealing  with parents/ guardians who are too religious/ conservative? I guess as a youth you may had one encounter or even more with  your parents concerning your religious belief.

I  come from a religious family where my mother was the most religious but not conservative I thank GOD for that but growing up we had to attend the same church as her’s and even  now, but unfortunately most of  my siblings have change the norm and now  attending their  own churches ,at the beginning it was a big issue for her  but as the time goes by she came to accept.

Today religion has come with so much restrictions and beliefs which was not meant to serve its purpose. To my own understanding religion was meant to create peaceful co- existence in the community; but looking at today’s world, religion has diminished and people are becoming increasingly secular.

Coming from a religious family, it might be hard to co exist especially as youth because  we are at an age and era where we are trying to explore a lot of modern things which according to our parents beliefs all those are satanic and  if you try to go against them it can put your relationship at stake and even curse a hellfire on you.

Like as for me, I decided to  have a tattoo which has a significant meaning in  my life., but when I decided to have it at the back of mind I knew very well my mum was not going to be ok considering her religious belief and the  fact that tattoos are considered satanic but like I said earlier mum is not a conservative as such so she had to cope with my actions. So how necessary is religion, really and does raising your child religious actually make them a better or happier person. Personally, parents should bend some rules concerning their religious beliefs  and understand us more. Like i feel they should not dictate what we are, whom we should fall in love with or the fact that  we should marry from the same religion , because in real sense all these rules are not even in the bible. Parents feel and believe that raising a kid religiously , make them moral but what they may not understand is that morality is about not harming others but helping those In need and the idea that this is somehow religion’s domain is one of the greatest lies….and moral intuition arise on their own in children of religious understanding.

Religion should not be a prison and there is no difference in a child whose parents are religious and  those whose parents are heathens, we are equal before HIM and he is the one to judge us. Let not many religious beliefs hinder you from achieving your dreams and goals  but keep in mind you can’t do anything without his guidance so always seek guardiance  from  him always.

Lets all raise our consciousness and the consciousness of society, and about the religious labeling of children, I thank GOD religion is  not GOD, whatever religion you choose  as long as its glorifying  the one above go for it and let ONLY God judge our deeds.