Creative Ways to Declutter Your House

Day in day out, we postpone the activity of decluttering our homes with thoughts of how tiresome the activity is. Who said you have to acquire fancy tools and professionals to help us declutter our homes? of course you don’t, you can do it on your own and on a regular basis.

Before you opt for decluttering your home, fix a date or time. The activity to some extent will need a little more focus and therefore setting aside a day and time for the activity will give you an easy time. You might as well need to engage other people maybe family members or friends so psychological preparation is important.

On the D-day, make the activity fun and ease. Implore the 4-box method. You can either use bins, carton boxes or bags with different colors or label accordingly; that is

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Re-locate.
  • Trash

With this you are good to go.

Let us declutter our houses in five simple steps:

  1. Empty the space – assemble all the items in a central place in the room you have decided to start with, either the washrooms or sitting room or bedroom.
  2. Have a vision of the room – after creating space, have an image in your mind of how you want the room to look like.
  3. Sort out the items– this is the most critical part of the activity. Identifying items which should be kept, donated, relocated or disposed. Ensure the items to be kept are of importance and are frequently used in the room. Items to be re-located are mainly those that are in a wrong room / space. For instance, having a notebook in the sitting room instead of the office / study room.

Engage yourself in asking questions such as, do I use this? when did I last use it? Do I truly need this? These questions will help you place the items in the correct bins. For those to be donated, ensure you rarely /never use them though they are still in a good condition which could be of help to someone else who might need them. Items to be disposed include those which are out dated, torn or in poor condition.

  1. Donate / Trash items– after having the differentiated vision items (keep) bin from the outdoor vision (trash and donate bin), from all the other rooms, ensure the trash items are well disposed as the donate items are kept in an open place awaiting cleaning before they are transported to charitable organizations and homes.
  2. Re-arrange the rooms- bringing your vision of the room into reality. Using the keep bin, arrange the items in the room focusing on how frequent they are used. Try as much as possible to leave the room much more spacious and ease in finding the frequently used items.

Remember, your home / house is where you live and therefore it should be cozy, warm, spacious and functional. Incase an item occupies no specific location when not in use, it becomes a cluster.