By Rosa Aboka

Vincent Mwasia Mutua alias Chipukeezy was issued with a letter asking him to cut out Kartello from his show in Ebru TV. This didn’t auger well with Chipukeezy at least according to the information he shared with the public through his instagram account.

Kartello who has gone viral with his prowess in sheng, confessed that he has not been comfortable working at the TV station. He stated that he’s always harassed and this starts from the gate. “But kulikuwa na ngori, our station walianza maneno ati mara ooh show imeanza kuwa na ughetto mara ooh Kartello atolewe hiyo show ati wazazi hawaskii lugha yake. Walianza kunivuruga since day one, nikaambiwa shut down all up comings na gengetone tulete watu wako na value.”

Kartello signifies the ghetto youth and this, was no good news to the ghetto youth.

However, the Director in the board of the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Nacada) promised their fans not to lose hope since the show will find another platform. This means he also ended his contact with the TV station. Which is true, he did.”I am not willing or planning under any circumstances to stop supporting Kartello and any other young person in this industry and since Ebru seems to have made up their minds on terminating Kartello’s appearance on my show. I am sadly left with no option but to terminate my contract as well” he said.

Sheng/slung is not in the system but it is the language of the youths of today and Kartello uses it well. I love the effects “oyo oya oya” and “rieng”, in fact now that the show will get a new platform tusipunguze rieng.  “Tuzidishe rieng” said Kartello.

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