In society today, many children have been raised in a compromising environment which hasn’t proven to be conducive for their esteem build up. Due to this reason a crop of frail children has emerged over the years. However, on the flip side, a number of family set ups have encouraged their children hence boosting their courage and confidence. The best-case scenario is my five-year-old niece who is a very confident person. The way she does her things meticulously with uttermost credence baffles me. Recent studies show that kids with the best relationship with their parents always grow up to be confident human being. As a matter of fact, kids are very delicate beings, how a child relates and communicates with the parent or guardian will mostly dictate how a child turns out to be. It is also proven by child psychologists that children who frequently and constantly receive words of affirmation about their performance and general appearance turn out to be confident and self-aware. The opposite is also true, when a child is constantly rebuked for misdoings, they develop uncertainties about their personalities leading to self-doubts. We should also be keen to the fact that children are of variant personalities; there are those that are highly sociable whereas there are those who are introverted. In both instances they should be taught on how to stand up for themselves because parents are not constantly with them.   There are a number of ways on how to instill self confidence in children.



This is one of the most important method of instilling confidence in children. Children are very keen observers, they mostly learn from their parent, guardians or any other adult instructor around them. Parents are the first role models in a child’s life, they pick the most outstanding aspects from them, especially their behavior and mode of talking. Hence parents must at all costs avoid negative comments and negative self-criticism Infront of a child.  Alternatively, parents should uphold positive comments about themselves and others in their children’s presence.  Teachers too who are a crucial element in a child’s upbringing should avoid self-criticism publicly and model confidence in front of their students.


Joining your children  in their games not only make them feel important ,but also provides a sense of belonging in them .Makes them happy .hence a child grows feeling worthy and this boosts their confidence a great deal .while playing with kids it’s important for parents or guardians  to let them choose and initiate the type of game to play and how they want it played. Children take pride in winning. Knowing that they have a say boosts a child’s courage big time


Children love attention .They love and value attention and are able to know when you are not giving them full attention .They noticed when they are not prioritize and this can mess them .Parents get busy and have to  be involved on some income generating activities or other social things .It’s good to set  aside time where you give your child undivided attention .play with them and listen to them read you  books  and  narrate  you stories.


Children like to be praised. Your child feels good when you congratulate them. Children who are often rebuked unkindly by parents grow up with self-doubt. Congratulating a child when they do good and reminding them that they are beautiful is a vaccine to low self- esteem. I was indoors trying to catch some sleep so I ask my girl to join her friends playing outside. One minute later I heard her through the open window conversing with the caretaker. She is like ‘’aaaw,aki mi ni msupuu’ ’The surety  in her  made me so proud. Parents, guardians or teachers should always appreciate children and remind them they are beautiful   and worth. Great for courage development.



Assertiveness is a virtue. A virtue that once instilled, a child will grow to be courageous and confident in everything they do. Parents should teach their children to say no and express themselves assertively whenever they feel everything is not going on right. The child should also be able to say an assertive yes without fear of intimidation. Ask the child what they think about something, ask for their opinions and thoughts. They will feel loved and opinions appreciated and this will help them stand up for themselves big time. Saying no should not be termed as a misbehavior. Foster your relationship with them as this helps them learn to be more assertive

How you bring up a child will determine how they will carry themselves, if they will be great decision makers or not. Shower them with hugs; physical affection is important. surround them with people who are positive and confident about themselves. make them know you love them by how you treat them. Most importantly give them tasks according to their ages, tasks that they can handle without feeling frustrated or strained. Coach or them well and they will grow up wellg