Celebrities with insane phobias

By Rose Aboka

Have you ever been in a situation that makes you uncomfortable?  That particular trigger that turns you off? That strong irrational fear. Yes, fear. There is that one thing that you fear. Those who know their fears always try to avoid them. Then there are those that have tried to face them. Phobias may be funny, ironical, weird, and some may be from our own life experiences. Celebrities have their fears too. Check them out:

  1. Rihanna

Despite having grown up in Barbados, Rihanna’s fear is fish. Including the tiniest fish. “I’m super scared of sea creatures, even tiny fish. One time I was in the water-and the water in Barbados is so clear, you can see your feet. I saw all this tiny fish swimming around my feet. And I had a panic attack. I just froze. This man has to lift me out of the water.”

    2. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah’s phobia is kinda funny.  She fears two things, that is gum and balloons. ” I came down the stairs and the entire audience was filled with balloons. Literary I was stepping over balloons- having to walk through balloons and I’m like, “when is one going to pop? ” I suppose it’s because both gum and balloons pop.

3. Selina Gomez

Ironically selina fears the ocean. But we have seen her in water a number of times!  ” My biggest fear is the ocean. I love to be in the ocean so it makes no sense that I’m afraid of it… But you never know what is underneath the water.  When I’m surfing, I forget about it but definitely I do not want to go on a cruise anytime soon.” Well, at least she is facing her fears.

  4. Meghan Fox

Have you ever met anyone who is afraid of paper?  Well, Meghan Fox is. “I am not afraid of touching paper but I just can’t stand it.  Scripts, newspaper or anything that is not laminated. I can’t touch it with my hands.” Fox explained that turning each page makes her lick her fingers which makes her uncomfortable.  She has to put a cup of water beside her to help her turn to the next pages.

5. khloe Kardashian

If you thought Meghan Fox fear was exaggerated then what will you think of Khloe Kardashian? ” When I’m in the shower I wear hand mitts and I scream every time I wash my belly button.” Who else does that? Screaming while washing your belly button? Unfortunately, she has to go through this every day. She’s facing it.

 6. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson’s fear got me worried though.  She suffers from spectrophobia. This is the fear of oneself.  Pamela cannot stare in the mirror because she is afraid of seeing her oneself. The worrying part is that she cannot put up with seeing herself on the screen.  She’ll have someone turn off the television.

 7. Carmen Electra

Funnily enough, Carmen is afraid of water.  How she managed it all in the movie *Baywatch* is best known to her.

8. Cardi B

In an interview with Ellen, Cardi admitted that her fears are heights and darkness.  Too much darkness is not for her. She’d rather sleep with the TV on. Thank Goodness she has big windows and the lights outside reflect well.  Otherwise… There is no otherwise, her phone got light too, right?

Which celebrity do you find strange? What other fears have you heard of? Personally, I fear heights and bridges. I cannot go hiking. What do you fear?