Cat Dudes are More Dateable

Women must ignore the stigma about men who pet cats because they are missing out on the ultimate men. Apart from keeping cat just to replace it with the right one (yes your guess is right, cat is synonymous to a word that start with letter “P”), there are millions of reasons to choose a cat dude over a dog dude. Here are the highlights:

Best lover and will stay in for it

A cat man works for love. Just take a look at how they earn their cats’ love, aren’t they charming? They will step it up much higher to earn the love of a woman. This kind of man will stay in just to give you what you need when you need it. They are basically down with anything to make their women feel great.

Understands moods and body language

He will read your emotions however much your try to conceal them. He will craft a plan to fix your situation with a flash of brilliance. They have grip on it perhaps because cats seek attention the same way women do. Cat men are superior at making love because they understand balance of when to give attention and when to withdraw to keep women begging for more.

They value relationship

Think of mood swings, scratched furniture, and hair everywhere. This is what cat men go through in their lives. It is a subtle indication that he is best positioned to understand your flaws. They are loyal and stay forever to provide lifelong companionship.

Great at conversation

Isn’t it more fun to date a man with a good sense of humor? Date a cat man and you will remain smiling. Cat men are too smart to be boring. They use their sense of humor to spice up the conversation.

Support your dreams

Forget about men who want to own you. Cat men won’t hold you back from pursuing your wildest dreams. Better yet, we’ll support your dreams.

So, next time you meet a cat dude don’t ignore him because you risk missing out on mature, open, and balanced boyfriend.