About a week ago, I took a matatu to Busia and the driver offered me a sit infront between him and another male passenger. There was a hot discussion about career women and the perception about such women. The discussion left me surprised with the high of stereotyping career women.

In my own understanding a career woman is a woman who takes pride in her career, chooses to work and often excels in their profession or job. Research shows that the more successful a man is the higher the chances of getting a spouse, settling down, and getting children. This is quite the opposite with women in profession sectors. In fact, men in profession stand at 83% while women at 57%, 26% more chances of men in careers getting spouse. The perception on career women is highly based on myths and misconception and the following are the most common myths

  1. Career women do not get married

This is a common myth that a career woman is likely to age without getting married. This stereotype is mostly held by men who are generally intimidated by successful women. Successful women can be intimidating by their thoughts and reasoning. Career women get married and often make the best wives and mothers, since they are independent and mindful hence have the ability to take care of the whole family without much burden

  1. Being evasive to life realities so they hide in career growth

Pauline 29 years old in a university lecturer has been single for the last years, she says many people assume she is so good at her work because she is angry at men. That is not the casualty of people tend to think that single careerwomen in their forties are always evading realities like love, relationships and marriage. This is not true, few days a go, I was reading an article by Salesman he was advising men who want to excel in their careers to stay off relationships. This is true as both genders can choose to focus on the jobs they love.As long as one feels happy. This misconception is often  directed on women yet men also choose career over other  things

  1. Career women are bossy

I was once in a discussion with a male friend who told me that he cannot marry a career woman and said he preferred a saloons or woman at the grocery store to that successful woman. On wanting to know why, he said that they speak their mind and generally just talk too much.  He considered that was bossiness. However, he said he had not experienced that with any woman but had heard a lot of stories about them. The truth is women who have strong personalities, good at their job and strong emotions management are labelled bossy. In the recent past, women were never given chances to express themselves as compared to now where women have been given leadership roles, empowered and even given chances to express themselves. This now makes quite a number to think that career women are bossy.

With all the myths, it’s good to get to know a woman on a personal level, interact with them ,and you will realize that all these  stereotyping going on  in the society are  actually  myths and none of them are facts.