Since covid- 19 was declared a global pandemic and the government advising us on the importance of s social distancing in order to flatten the curve, a lot has been going on like lock down hence many businesses closed. Some of the affected businesses include; the salons hence a lot of women have been affected as they depended in their salonists for their hair. And as we are waiting for things to go back to normal. Here as some of the hairstyles to try as we are keeping safe;



If you were lucky to braid your hair before the lockdown well and good because now this is the right time to learn how to maintain and to braid your hair on your own. You can learn how to braid your hair by watching some videos on youtube. Braids are the most convenient as they are able to last for long as for about 8 weeks. You can maintain your braids by washing to remove dust, then always moisturize your scalp to prevent the dryness.


  1. CURLS

.Going   curly on your hair is easy because all you have do is at least wash it after 2 weeks, use hair products like eco gel, just twist or you can decide to do Bantu knot. After twisting your hair with gel you can detangle them with the right comb or use your fingers and there you will have your curls.



  1. LOCS

Locks during this time save a lot because they are less stressful and long-lasting. All you need to do is wash, wax and you good to go. Also another type of locks you can do at home by watching the DIY are; faux locks,  Marley twist, and passion twist.  They are one of the protective styles and they will take you through a longer period.



Wigs are one of the protective hairstyles and also they save a lot when it comes to money and time. Look for a  nice wig/ weave that complements your look and also don’t forge a good quality. All you have to do is plait some nice lines, moisturize your scalp, and put on your wig. To maintain your wig, you can wash it with a  conditioner, let it dry then spray and comb. For the lines always redo them.

  1. SHORT

They are the easiest to maintain. You can   add more look to it  by  coloring it with your preferred  color


They are the most loved ones because  they are long-lasting and one of the protective hairstyles.


As we are maintaining social distance, washing hands, and staying safe, consider also looking nice in one of the styles above as we wait for things to get back to normal. Remember, let corona take away anything but not your hair.