Balancing Between Work and Parenting

As a radio presenter am frequently asked how I maintain balanced personal and professional life. Well, the answer is simple I strive so hard for a perfect balancing act but rather integrating across all aspects of life.

Having to choose between your career and children is extremely difficult.

It may seem like an impossible task, we all know our jobs can be overwhelming especially in this shaky economy; it just seems like we are doing more with less and working longer hours

So how does a mom or dad get out of work on time so that they can pick up kids in school on time?

The answer is very simple. Any parent has to be extremely organized at work and time management.

  1. Figure out what you’re willing to sacrifice. It can be a hobby or a talent.
  2. Be organized, set goals and meet deadlines
  3. Always have a to-do list so that the most important priorities come first

Train your colleagues to respect your schedule since you may be required to work extra times or be called back to the office at that important family time.

A parent should always;

  1. Make trade-offs: dropping my daughter off at school once a week or taking that 5:30 p.m call from the car means I have to multitask.
  2. Declare priorities: getting home for dinner knowing there will be a little late night email.
  3. Ask for help: sometimes a nanny can be of great help.
  4. Breathe: which works for my toddler and it works for me too.

Another important aspect is that you should never focus on the quantity of time you spend at home but rather focus on the quality time you want to spend with your baby.

What you should also note is that every different phase of your child’s life will require a different you. The kind of mom that I was when I had a toddler is not the kind of mom that I will be once my baby is an adolescent

Lastly there is no right way to do parenting, always listen to yourself and never compare yourself to what other parents are doing because this is your own journey. Stick to yours.