Each time a notification message from him pops up on my screen, I get butterflies. I loose concentration on whatever I’m doing at that particular time. My mood suddenly changes. Sometimes I stand from my seat and have myself relax on bed holding my phone, sometimes I stare at the “hi, how is your day?” text for more than 5 minutes, not sure what am analyzing.  I get myself typing and retyping a reply without sending it. Am I deep in love?

Being in love result in a state of mind where the brain releases a ‘love drug’ which makes us feel good. ‘Am I in love?’ most people will ask themselves this after knowing someone for some days, weeks or months. We have many instances that indicate you might be falling in love, check this out.

Each little time spend together, you want to learn more about this person. “So tell me about your family”, ‘what makes you happy?’ You engage in question answer session where you probably find everything very fascinating about them, even if it’s not of importance. You become curious in learning who they are daily. It might be love.

After you are done with your weekend house chores, this person fills your mind. They are constantly pre-occupying your mind. Instead of reading that novel you bought, or winding up your office chores, you opt to stare at your phone’s gallery analyzing her/his photos, re-reading your chats with this person, future planning in mind on what you will say / put on the next time you meet. This can happen during the day and even late in the nights making you stay awake throughout.

It’s normal for one to make time for what or who they love. You find yourself rearranging your plans, re-priotizing your needs and re-imagining your thoughts, watch out, you might be falling in love. You no longer think about yourself as first, but them. Sacrifice becomes part of you. You are open to new ideas especially those which make them happy. You acquire new hobbies like going out to movie shops, skating and more activities which were never your priority. You just feel comfortable making these sacrifices.  But hey, it reaches a point where you no longer feel comfortable making a sacrifice for them, then it’s not love.

‘Always on your mind, always in your mouth.’ You never seize to talk about them even when you don’t have to. Each moment you are out with friends, you find a way of bringing them to being part of your conversation.  Your best friends will let you know when this happens because probably, he / she get a lot from you about your special person. You begin giving less attention especially to your friends and hobbies just to spend your time together. Being with them feels worth it. Be ready, you are falling in love.

You become too much insecure. ‘Do he/ she love me back? ‘. ‘Does he miss me / think of me? ‘You become obsessed about everything. Some can even get jealous when they spend time with their friends and not them. You are in a state of fear of rejection; you only need them by your side each time.  This is when most individuals begin to stalk them even on their social media platforms to see if they have someone else they like, love becomes jealous! , this can also be an indication of being in love.

You become a poor time manager. When with this person, either physically or in your mind, everything seems right. Each second is full of joy; you want to focus on them and them alone. Psychological thinking makes you ignore your chores and become busy having them in mind. Time flies each time you spend with them. You care less of being late for work or other important meetings. The world becomes your little heaven where you want to share everything with them.

If the above takes course in your daily life for some time, then you are falling in love.

Time moves and the affection become more intense. The only person you want is them; you become sure of your emotions and think of sharing with them. Wait, what if they do not have the same feelings for you? What if they just respect you as their best friend? What if they turn down your emotions? What if they also confess that’s how they feel? You need to take time to differentiate between love and lust.  Consider your next step, if its love then give them time to catch up with you. Don’t go shouting ‘ I LOVE YOU’ from the roof top.  They say, if it’s meant to be, it will be.