By Rose Aboka

Who baked the cake though, who, who, who? Apparently Akothee has beef with one of the cake houses. The mother of five, made an order from one of the cake houses which happened to disappoint the flamboyant singer.

The cake which is causing trouble between the mother of five and the cake house was worth Kshs 25,000. “My 25, 000 on my Mpesa or I come for you”… “This cake house better return my money or I blow you” her caption read.  This is trouble for we all know Akothee when served full.

Akothee was reminded of her son’s birthday in 2018. The order did not impress the singer-cum-business woman.  Apparently, the colors of the cake did not impress the singer. “You even wrote name with a black pen…It was a white and gold with a touch of red, where did black come from? Or because I am black?” read her post.

You know who Akothee was celebrating?  It was Roberto and Masimo, her long term friends. The cake brought was not “invited”.