A man should not wear just anything

It takes a classic man to go with the style rather than trend. As a man, you should not just buy because it’s trending, there is a lot that you should consider before deciding on a fashion.

Here are some fashion trends that are not for every man;

  • Neck wallet/ waist bags

It has been popularized by rock stars. However, it shouldn’t be worn by every man.  It is suitable for motorists especially in keeping their personal effects like IDs while driving. Waist bags are helpful in keeping money for business people. Please steer clear of this if it has no benefit on you.

  • Transparent shirts

Transparent shirts are good while at the beach. Walking around in a transparent shirt showing off your nipples for a man is not good enough. I think men should avoid this trend unless you are at the beach or at the runway.

  • Going bare chest on suit jackets

I’m pretty sure that many are pissed by this men trend. It has jumped off our TV screens and men are now comfortable walking around bare chest. Everything done by your celebrity is not to be emulated. Just leave it to video vixens.

  • Short shorts

A typical short should be in an average of 8-9 inches, but when they are below the above inches then restrict it indoors.

  • Men should also avoid fashion colors

The tricky part with these colors is that they don’t stand the test of time .They include; dusty orange, racing red, yellow and deep blue.

  • Avoid dad socks

These dad socks (white socks) that go past the ankle must be avoided especially with suits and office outfit. Always wear dark socks that match either your shoes or trousers.

  • Oversized jeans

They were 80s and 90s sensation. They have been overtaken by time.

A man should go with the style and not fashion. Focus on classic and timeless pieces.