The month of December is around the corner and this is the month that most people get the opportunity to unwind. During this month people travel from one place to another just to have the perfect holiday. If you are looking for the perfect place to visit this time, I got you. How about you visit Rusinga island? Rusinga island is one of Lake Victoria’s islands located at the mouth of Winam Gulf in Homa-bay county. It is my perfect choice for unwinding due to its proximity to the lake and the fact that it is a primarily rural area that provides a serene environment for those who want to get away from the city life. Rusinga island has a lot of attraction sites and once you get there you will never run out of activities to indulge in.

How to get to Rusinga island.
To get to the island, one has to travel all the way to Mbita in Homa-bay county. To get to Mbita;
• From Nairobi, an 8 hours’ drive via Kisumu, then to Homabay town and later proceed to Mbita from there. Alternatively travel by air to Kisumu and proceed to Homabay then to Mbita.
• From Kisumu, one would go through Bondo to Luanda Kotieno then take a 45minutes ferry across the Winam gulf to Mbita.

From Mbita point it will take a 30-45 minutes drive through a causeway that connects Rusinga island to the mainland at Mbita point.
Things to do.
On this island, you will enjoy a spectacular getaway to rejuvenate your body and calm your mind.
• Boat riding
• Bird watching
• Sunset fishing
• Kayaking
• Swimming
• Visit Ruma national park
• Visit Tom Mboya’s mausoleum
• Cycling
• Connect with nature
• Enjoy the beautiful sunset views
• Rusinga cultural festival

Rusinga island festival
The Rusinga island cultural festival is one of the cultural events that make the month of December complete for the culture enthusiasts. Seeking to preserve its culture, the Abasuba community on the island hosts this two-day annual event, usually on the last Thursday and Friday just before Christmas. The event is packed with good music from the abasuba community, sports, literature, artistry and fashion that exhibits the suba culture.

In December, hotels and lodges in this area to be fully booked at a faster rate. Book early so that you do not miss out on better places to stay during your stay in the island. Below is a list of some of the best hotels and lodges in the area.
• Rusinga island lodge
• Lake Victoria safari village
• Mfangano island camp
• Wayando beach eco lodge

For a much more pleasant experience on the island, consider hiring a car.