By Rose Aboka

The festive season is still here with us, at least until we usher in the new year. A new year without a doubt come with growth that is traditionally preceded with set goals in the name of ‘NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS’. Remember we are also turning a new decade, so it is prudent to make a long term plan for growth.

A survey done in Kenya brought out the top ideas for the new year’s resolutions.

  1. Learn new skills

A good number stated that their new year resolution would be to learn new skills. This idea brings you out of your comfort zone, to do and experience something new.

  1. Quit drugs

This is not an easy task especially for addicts.  If you have a strong addiction to any form of drug, take the trouble to cut down its use.

  1. Read more

Great people read a lot. Aspire to achieve wisdom by turning many pages.

  1. Spend time with family and friends

Family is all we have. You just don’t know but you are a big blessing in your family. Take time to know, understand and learn from them while you reciprocate their love. Visit friends and have fun and learn what you didn’t learn in your place or comfort zone.

Happy Holidays.