2 most basic steps in Getting buyers to your new fashion/Beauty product

Are you struggling to position your beauty product/service in the market?

The emergent of learning platforms such as YouTube has led to a revolution of small scale producers who are only armed with manufacturing/productive  skills and not market knowledge of their products/services. In most cases, they end up with well packaged product with zero buyers. How do we lay a good platform for your success? How do we get the desired number of buyers we want?

It is important to know that beauty or fashions industry at large is a “peoples” industry. The higher the number of people associating with your product, the higher the chances of penetrating the market. Based on this, there are only 2 ways one can position their products/service for success in the market:

  1. Define your target audience
  2. Maintain your audience

Define Your Target Audience

Brian Tracy, a business and personal development coach said  that all the businesses from the beginning of history have struggled with product development hoping that there is market, doing the market testing and so on . But now they start with Customer development. Get the Customer who says , “Yes. I will need that. I  need that. I want to see it. I will pay for it” And then go back and work on  your product.

Does the beauty product/ service you want to launch has customers? if yes, who are they?

Understanding your market target is critical because it informs the language, channels and information you use to communicate. Clearly defining your target population allows you to genuinely connect with  buyers who understands your product.  It  gives you direction in your marketing and facilitates more reliability in your appeals.

The process of defining your target customers may be too tiresome, But here is a clue on how you can do it:

  • Start with the people you talk to frequently, your friends and family members share with them about your product , what makes it stand out in the market and how they will get value for money. Do not talk about the pricing t this stage because your main goal is to get feedback whether the product itself is interesting.
  • Proceed to people you pay everyday: your landlord, Milkman, salonist, nail parlor you go to everyday etc. These are people who you meet frequently and they can easily give you listening time and feedback.
  • Profile every prospective client you meet for a pitch. The essence of doing this is to build a support community who knows about you and your product and are willing to introduce you to people they know who also know others.

 Establish a relationship with your Audience.

You now have contacts to a community that appreciates your product/service. They already know how to buy from you and your prices. What next?

Introduce them to your social media handles where you will receive feedback on their experience with your product. Independent referrals will follow as you create an online presence and validate your product/service.

On your social media pages ensure the following is done:

  • Talk about the benefits of your product: Having a deep understanding of the challenge it’s solving and who it is for is crucial. It’s surprising how often this is not thoroughly thought through. Always stay focused on your “who” and “why.” Test it with your personas, talk to them about it, and know it is something that will fulfill an unmet need first.
  • Make sales by guiding you prospective clients on how to purchase: Make a sale and earn your first dollar as validation to build the product or service – even before it’s built. If people won’t buy the product or service based on a pitch, they probably won’t buy the product or service when it exists. An easy way to do this is to develop a landing page. Run advertisements. Check the number of clicks the “Buy Now” button. the number of clicks will show you the interest your product has generated among the targeted buyers. The buying process forms the foundation of all marketing and sales activities.
  • Secure Your Online Identity :Ensure the domains you are using on your website for example is protected and reserved for you. If you do not understand the process of buying a domains please seek help from techies in your circle.
  • Create a system that allows for feedback because  is the only way you can protect the future and respond to it adequately. This may also be a support unit for customers who may not understand how to use a product on first instruction. They can be supported by the use of a feedback channel

Applying these 2ways to your first sales will land you to the required customers for any fashion or beauty product provided it is made to the standards appreciated by the final user.

Do not ignore red flags at any stage of developing your “community”. If the response you get from your prospective clients  are negative, stop and understand their reaction. Work on what they feel is not okay. Remember no amount of advertising will make a bad product sell.

Focus on  increasing the number of people who appreciate using other creative ways you shall have learnt through the period for greater success.

Happy selling!